About Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis**
By Alicia McHugh, Staff Writer. Bacterial Vaginosis is a commonly observed infection. Human body carries several bacteria and most of these help in body metabolism. However, sometimes pathogenic bacteria outgrow in number and cause vaginosis. Usually infection disappears after successful remedy, however in many cases it reappears within 3 to 6 weeks. And has more devastating symptoms! Considering all the facts it becomes highly essential to pay attention to symptoms and seek remedies to help reduce complete cause of infection.* During recurrence of BV it becomes stronger and does not respond to usual remedies.*
What are the Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis In Women?
Bacterial vaginosis in women is certainly a concern and usually show symptoms like
  • Occurrence of infection every 3 to 6 months
  • Usually infection occurs during menstruation
  • More stubborn symptoms
  • Pain and foul odor during intercourse
Any of these indicate recurrent bacterial vaginosis. It becomes hard to eliminate the infection with usual means. However, recurrent vaginosis demands complete remedy comprising of a combination of procedures.* One of the best resources is probiotic supplements.*
Why Does Probiotics Vaginosis Demands Attention?
During the first time of infection, symptoms do vanish in an appropriate way. However, during each recurrence, pathogen acquires immunity to remedies and can cause more harm. Some of the acute reasons for recurrent bacterial vaginosis are
  • Post surgical infections
  • Abortions
  • Complications in pregnancy like low birth weight of baby
  • Sexual intercourse with multiple partners on a regular basis
Precautions are advised after first occurrence of infection to refrain from recurrence. However, due to uncertainties, infection does occur again. Use of probiotic supplements is recommended to support vaginal and urinary health.*
How Probiotic Supplements Help?
Probiotic supplements are live culture of good bacteria. This live culture may contain single type of bacteria or a combination of few types. These bacteria reach human body and develop their colonies known as bacterial flora.* This is a sort of habitat, during the regular metabolism, they create ambience to refrain pathogens from growing.* Every remedy, which targets bacterial elimination, affects good bacteria and increase chances of bacterial vaginosis in women.* Bacteria live with symbiosis and we must ensure not to eliminate good bacteria.* Probiotic capsule kept in vagina proves to be an ideal solution to refrain from infection and delivers faster results.*

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